Fairview Investigations has the expertise and necessary resources to discreetly handle individual and family investigations concerning a variety of sensitive situations.

Individuals and Families

Do you suspect an unfaithful spouse? Is your child displaying unusual behavior that may be influenced by someone unknown to you? Is someone close to you engaging in misconduct or betraying your trust? Are you contemplating or in the process of getting a divorce, or in the middle of a child custody battle? Are you desperate to find a missing loved one? Does your situation require an asset search?

Whether you seek to prove or disprove allegations of abuse, abandonment, or neglect in any form that could be grounds for a lawsuit, you need an investigation service that helps in your quest to expose the truth!

At Fairview Investigations, we carry out surveillance, background checks, witness locates and interviews, asset searches, and polygraph tests, along with a wide array of services that may be required by the nature of your individual or family situation. We also conduct investigations for time-sensitive and urgent cases. We uphold your privacy rights and commit to conducting all of our services in a confidential manner.

To uncover the truth about a suspect, or to find someone whose whereabouts are unknown—and ultimately give you the peace of mind you deserve—ask Fairview Investigations, your Individual and Family investigation services expert professionals!