Fairview Investigations commits to providing professional and diligent services for your workplace situations that involve businesses, corporations, and government entities.

Business, Corporations, & Government Entities

In the event of issues arising within your business, corporation or government organization, you need a team of professionals to conduct an investigation in a thorough and ethical manner. We understand that the situation may be highly complex and requires a comprehensive evaluation of all perspectives to paint a clearer picture of the matter at hand and evaluate a course of action to reach the most appropriate resolution.

For complaints and incidents that jeopardize the organization, your employees, and other stakeholders, we conduct a thorough investigation that can assist in determining the best course of action to uncover critical information concerning harassment, violence, theft, corruption, substance abuse, compensation, and termination. We conduct workplace investigations covering threat assessments, risk evaluations, background checks, compliance consulting, intellectual property and financial or accounting assessments.

Regardless of the size of your business or your industry, we help you uncover the facts so you can properly manage your liabilities while significantly reducing the negative impact to your business. Where lawsuits are inevitable, our investigation services help you gather data relevant to trial. Our objective is to help you minimize or eliminate the risks!

For prompt, comprehensive, and impartial Business, Corporation and Government Entity investigation services, call Fairview Investigations, your leading team of seasoned professionals in Massachusetts and New Hampshire!