Fairview Investigations provides attorneys with the investigative services needed for success in the litigation process.


We help you achieve the results you want for your cases and clients through our range of exceptional litigation support services for Criminal Attorneys, Corporate Attorneys, Civil Attorneys, and Family Attorneys.

Our team of professional investigators employ a thorough and well-documented process for uncovering and presenting facts–all based on our research, interviews, and other techniques that extract and gather the relevant information to be presented in court. We are well-equipped in handling and conducting investigative activities. You can count on our knowledge and experience in the judicial system to help expose reasonable doubt and potential liability.

Do you need exemplary investigative services in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to substantiate your case and raise your odds of prevailing in litigation? As former criminal investigators in Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies, our team of seasoned professionals can help get you results! Call Fairview Investigations today!