Fairview Investigations - Who We Work With

Our full scale of investigative services enables us to cater to an array of clientele. Our years of combined experience and expertise in the field have equipped us to perform Private Investigation, Criminal and Civil Investigation, Integrity Investigation, Computer and Cellular Forensics, Security, and Technical Security Countermeasures to serve these key sectors, organizations, and individuals:


Conducting investigative activities to aid in collecting evidence is a task that legal advisors defer to professionals. We provide the support required of us to assist lawyers in locating assets and people, pulling sources and intelligence for negotiation purposes, and uncovering, gathering or reviewing evidence for presentation.

Insurance Agencies

We specialize in in-depth investigations on insurance claims and very often obtain settlements. Through our surveillance, research, background checks, and document reviews, we also assist in uncovering information and presenting well-documented evidence to determine fraudulent insurance claims.

Businesses, Corporations, and Government Entities

Our area of expertise also includes workplace investigations. As your Massachusetts and New Hampshire business and corporate or government entity private investigator, we employ an array of techniques to bring internal issues to light and recommend a viable solution while ensuring limited to zero impact on your reputation. For investigative services involving workplace harassment, misconduct, violence, substance abuse, theft, discrimination, compensation or termination, we can help!

Individuals and Families

We provide investigative services concerning family law matters. Our team of professionals gather information to be presented as evidence in civil trials such as child custody, child support, spousal support, or divorce. We also help track or locate missing persons. To do all this, we access databases that are exclusively available to investigators and law enforcement. Our process also includes checking social media, interviewing the parties involved, reviewing printed and electronic documents, and performing skip traces.