Computers and mobile phones permeate our daily lives.

Cellular and Computer Forensics

Collectively, over 6 million text messages are sent and received everyday by 9 out of 10 Americans who own cell phones. Almost 90% of American households own a computer or a smartphone device, and 81% of them subscribe to internet service. These spikes in ownership and usage demonstrate the significance of these devices in users’ gathering of information and participation in a changing world economy.

From a forensic perspective, however, computers and cellular devices can become dangerous tools for criminal activity. Where hidden information can make or break a case, such as in divorce proceedings, bullying or harassment, accidents and wrongful death, fraudulent transactions, corruption, and insurance or compensation claims, the parties involved turn to cellular and computer forensics to uncover legal evidence.

Cellular Forensics can reveal evidence crucial to an investigation by extracting mobile phone files through digital data trails. Investigators methodologically evaluate texts, contact lists, recorded conversations, and digital images or video recordings. To assist the police and legal teams, cellular forensic professionals are also equipped to retrieve deleted files.

Similarly, Computer Forensics experts examine, search, and uncover hidden folders, as well as damaged and encrypted files to aid legal teams or police detectives in producing and presenting verified legal evidence for actual litigation. Whether it is to investigate individual offenses, corporate misconduct, or elaborate cybercrimes, computer devices are seized from which all information relevant to the case can be extracted.

With state-of-the-art technologies embedded in the latest devices, data extracting from today’s computer and mobile devices has become a real logistical challenge, which needs to be accomplished without the risk of breaking privacy laws. We use the current state of the art equipment to recover cellular and computer emails and texts. (legal restrictions may apply)

At Fairview Investigations, we offer a unique Cellular and Computer Forensics service to help you uncover data for legal purposes. We employ the latest techniques in computer and cellular-phone evidence gathering to break through the complexities of operating systems, network systems, patented connectors and cables, and network providers.

Our team of qualified Cellular and Computer Forensics professionals always adheres to lawful policies and procedures as we assist in your quest for finding and exposing the truth. We use the current state of the art equipment to recover cellular and computer emails and texts. (legal restrictions may apply)

For civil or criminal cases requiring forensic expertise in sorting out software evidence or electronic device data, don’t take chances! Trust only a leading team of experts to handle Cellular and Computer Forensics. Call Fairview Investigations today!